National Trust Museum -Avebury, Wiltshire


The National Trust Museum in Avebury, Wiltshire is a Grade 2 listed building


Here at Birdteq we have a vast knowledge of birds and can overcome any problem simply based on our knowledge of the specific bird family.

The Range, Taunton


Security risk in external store area.


Birdteq installed anti theft netting over the whole yard, the netting spanned from the main stores roof to the perimeter fencing

RAMM, Exeter


The Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter


The museum under went a £25 million revamp. BAMM and Exeter City council required many areas to be netted to prevent gulls and pigeons from nesting around sensitive environmental control plant areas.

Lacon House, London


Feral pigeons roosting under environmental roof plant systems. Feather and guano contamination.


Install bird netting system installation to prevent birds from roosting under environmental roof plant systems.

Furniture Village, Bristol


Feral Pigeons were roosting on the frame work behind the front signage


Birdteq were called in to prevent further contamination by the front entrance.

Carlton Hotel, Ilfracombe


Herring Gulls nesting on roof areas.


Bird netting system installed to roofs with bird spikes fitted to dormer roofs.

House of Fraser, Exeter


A low visual profile was required to protect the building from feral pigeons


An anti pigeon wire installation was the chosen system to provide the solution to these requirements.

RSPCA Rescue, West Hatch


Herring gulls nesting on dormer roof.


Gull wire system installed to dormer roof.

McDonalds, Falmouth


Bird proofing required to prevent pigeons and gulls from perching on the perimeter frontage of the roof.


Stainless steel bird spiking installed to roof perimeter.

Olympus House, Quedgeley


At Olympus House, Quedgeley flat roof areas requiring protection from Herring Gulls.


Bird netting system installed over flat roof areas and access gantry.

The Iron Duke, Wellington


External balcony seating area required bird proofing from feral pigeons.


A pigeon netting system was installed to protect the entire balcony.