Ballast Netting

Safe, secure


Ballast Netting

Safety for your businesss

Pebble ballast is commonly used on modern flat roofs, gulls have taken a liking ...

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Bird deterrent gel


Bird mesh proofing


Bird netting


Bird repellent


Bird scarers - Agrilazer scarer

At Birdteq we have been working with bird scaring devices of vatious types, designs and functions for a long time. When it comes to most bird scarers the truth is that they sometimes only work as a short term solution. Birds quickly become used to load noises, scarecrows or reflective surface adhesives. After a period of initial success, birds can become accustomed to these.
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Bird spikes

Bird Prevention Spikes

Bird prevention spikes are designed in general for deterring pest birds from perching or landing on any surface. They create a surface that is less appealing for perching and nesting thus discouraging birds from roosting.
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Bird wire


Electric bird deterent- Avishock

Installation of Avishock™.
The electric bird deterrent system includes electric track which is very flexible and can curve up and down, straight and corner connectors, connecting wiring and an energiser.


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Fouling clearance

As well as specialising in the installation of bird deterrent and bird proofing systems, Birdteq also specialise in bird fouling removal,



Prison safety netting


Retail safety netting

Security Net or Anti Theft Net
We have fitted security netting to the outside retail areas of large stores to prevent goods being thrown over perimeter fencing. Generally 50mm net is used.


Solar panel bird proofing

Protect your solar panels

Birdteq can provide different solar panel bird deterrent solutions for this common problem.