The Range, Taunton

The Range, Taunton

PROBLEM:  Security risk in external store area. Following the closure of Homebase, The Range opened a new store in its place in Taunton.  The store had a large external shopping yard which was surrounded by trees and shrubs which provided a hidden area that could easily be used to pass stolen goods over the stores perimeter fence

SOLUTION:  Security netting system installed

Birdteq installed anti theft netting over the whole yard, the netting spanned from the main stores roof to the perimeter fencing, thus creating a physical barrier so no goods could be thrown over.

The project was carried out by two Birdteq installers over several days using scissor lifts for access.

Separate large nets were used to span the yard and were fitted together.  All fixings and wire rope were made from A4 stainless steel.  Extra fixing