Security & Contraband Netting


Security net installed in the outside garden centre area at The Range, Taunton

In addition to bird netting, Birdteq designs and installs security and contraband netting.

Whether you need to protect a building, personnel or the public, Birdteq can supply you with netting solutions that can meet your specific needs. We're able to provide for small, short-term projects as well as large scale construction companies.

Our systems are perfect for situations that need added strength and security. Birdteq has installed such systems to shops, garden centres, prisons, schools and more. From small to big projects when you call Birdteq you'll be faced with a variety of options.

Birdteq security netting is perfect for construction, restoration, protection and defence., our netting is customized to fulfil your specific needs.

Our nets are used to stop theft of goods from outside shopping areas (such as those in garden centres) and to prevent drugs and contraband landing in high risk areas of secure facilities (such as prisons).

The netting is of a different construction to that of bird netting and is installed using thicker grade stainless steel cable.

Birdteq can solve your outdoor security problem. Call us on 01823 669165