Heathrow Terminal 4 Bird Spikes

Heathrow Terminal 4 Bird Spikes

Feral Pigeons Problems at Heathrow

Bird spikes installed by Birdteq at Heathrow Terminal 4

Feral pigeons were roosting throughout the length of the canopy entrance at Heathrow Terminal 4.

Bird netting was ruled out as it would not have blended in with the tubular steel frame work.

It took two kilometers of stainless steel pigeon spiking to proof all the tubular steel horizontals and the RSJ beams. A specialised high tack silicone adhesive was used to prevent any spike strips becoming dislodged.

We could only work at night while the terminal was quiet. The terminal has since been revamped and no longer looks like this.

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Bird Spikes

Birdteq used bird spikes to deal with the feral pigeon problem at Heathrow Terminal 4. Read more about bird spikes, how and where we use them.