Bird Wire Installation

A discrete alternative to Bird Spikes


Bird wire installed at House of Fraser, Exeter, by Birdteq

Bird wire is a popular choice for areas requiring a more sympathetic looking proofing system, as it is less visible than bird spikes.

It is used to prevent pigeons and gulls from landing. The sprung stainless steel wire is crimped between stainless steel posts, the wire acts as a barrier so birds are unable to land. Birds are unable to stand on the sprung wire as it is gives under their weight. This system has to be installed with exact measurements to be effective.

We guarantee our installations for 3 years.

How does Bird Wire work?

It's actually very simple! We position the wire so that the birds are forced to land on the wire rather than on the ledge it's protecting. Birds like a secure perch - when they land on the bird wire it gives under them making them feel unsafe, so they move on.

Advantages of Bird Wire

  • Highly effective: large birds will not perch where bird wires are installed.
  • Very Discrete: bird wires are even less visible than spikes, and a good option where visual intrusion must be minimised.
  • Humane: bird wires make birds feel unsafe when they attempt to perch, so they move on. They do not harm or cause pain to the bird.
  • Durable: our bird wire installations are guaranteed for 3 years, and can last for 10 years or more.

Seagull wire installed by Birdteq

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