Bird Netting

A secure barrier to keep pest birds out


Installing bird netting at Pawlett Church

About Bird Netting

Bird netting allows whole areas or sections of a building to be walled off, completely excluding pest birds. It's often the most economical way to protect large areas.

Netting used for bird proofing is made from knotted polyethylene, UV light-stabilised 12/6 twine. The net comes in different mesh sizes from 19mm for even small pest birds, through 50mm for pigeons up to 75mm to exclude only gulls, and there is a choice of three colours, black, sandstone and translucent. Flame retardant netting is also available.

A correctly installed net with quality fittings will last for years. We use stainless steel wire and fixings as standard, unless instructed by the customer to use galvanised, which although cheaper, will not last as long.

Birdteq bird netting systems are guaranteed for 5 years and will last many years past this time.

Advantages of Bird Netting

  • Bird netting is highly effective and can be used to exclude only certain species depending on the mesh size used.
  • It's often the cheapest way to protect large areas.
  • Effectively protects large open areas, roof spaces, etc.
  • Durable: good quality, properly installed bird netting will last for five to ten years or even longer.
  • Different colours available to blend in.

Bird netting installed by Birdteq on the Old Well House, Paignton, Devon

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