Bird Proofing

Pigeon Deterrents, Bird Wire and Bird Spikes

Bird Proofing Systems

Bird proofing systems physically exclude pest birds from the affected area, completely eliminating the problem. See below for more examples.

Bird Netting

Bird netting allows whole areas or sections of a building to be walled off, completely excluding pest birds. It's often the most economical way to protect large areas. Different mesh sizes allow for excluding just gulls, pigeons are even small pest birds.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes (also known as anti-perching spikes, bird control spikes or anti-roosting spikes) come in a variety of sizes for small, medium and large birds. Varying widths and clips are available to proof narrow and wide areas such as ledges, window sills, signage, pipe work or roof ridges and even guttering.

Bird Wire

Used to prevent pigeons and gulls from landing, bird wire is less visible and more aesthetically pleasing than bird spikes. It uses sprung stainless steel wire between stainless steel posts. Birds are unable to stand on the sprung wire as it is gives under their weight.

Solar Panel Mesh

Designed to prevent birds from nesting under roof solar panels, solar panel mesh is a combination of galvanised metal meshing and specially designed clips. The system is installed without the need to drill and will not scratch the solar panel surfaces.

Chimney Bird Proofing

Bird nests and bird carcasses are a common cause of blocked chimneys, which can be prevented by installing cowls and bird spike protection. We can also prevent honey bees from nesting within a chimney using a fine aluminium mesh.