Bird Free Fire Gel

Ultraviolet optical gel

Bird Free Fire Gel

About Bird Free Fire Gel

There is a relatively new product on the market that in some circumstances can be effectively used to deter some bird types. It’s name is Bird Free Fire Gel, it is a silicone based gel that gives off an ultra violet light that to birds, looks like fire. A birds eyesight works very differently to ours and so long as the gel is placed correctly it is effective, especially towards pigeons.

We usually use this product when physical proofing systems would not suit a structure such as a free standing statue or an area where unimpeded access is required.

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Here's someone who could use some Fire Gell on his head!

Advantages of Fire Gel

  • Very Discrete: Bird Free Fire Gel trays are only 8mm high, so can often be placed so as to be completely concealed from view. It is effective even if the trays are tucked behind the edge of a parapet out of site.
  • Humane: There's no actual fire involved! But the gel appears to birds as if it was fire so they avoid it.
  • Safe: In fact fire gel is completely harmless to both birds and humans. The active ingredients are used in food!
  • Effective: Most birds will immediately avoid the area protected with fire gel. At some particularly attractive sites a few dominant birds may persist for a day or two, but they will then give up too.
  • Long-lasting: provided it is left undisturbed, Bird Free fire gel will remain effective for at least 2 years, often much longer.