AVISHOCK™ Electric Bird Deterrent System

Low profile installation is invisible from below

About AVISHOCK™ Electric Bird Deterrent

This system delivers a low level electrical pulse from an internally plugged energiser to a unique weather protected track that does not harm birds.

The flexible track is adhered in place, so no drilling is required and it can be fitted to almost any site, including curved surfaces and signage. Due to its low visibility it’s use is particularly popular for heritage sites and other architectural sensitive buildings.

AVISHOCK™ is robust, discreet and reliable; it can be used for any bird species.

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Advantages of Avishock

  • Almost invisible: AVISHOCK™ electric bird deterrent is flexible and very low profile, allowing it to bend around irregular structures. It's also available in a range of colours to blend in, so it can be hard to see even close up.
  • Humane: The birds receive a harmless electric shock when they land on the track, which teaches them to avoid the area.
  • Reliable: AVISHOCK™ uses stainless steel braids in a flexible UV stabilised plastic track, with high quality connectors and energisers to deliverable dependable long term service.
  • No drilling required: the track is stuck in place with adhesive, so there's no risk of damage to weatherproof structures.

AVISHOCK™ track is available in different colours to blend in