Innovation in bird control

Drive nuisance birds away

Pest Bird Deterrent Systems

Bird deterrent systems work by discouraging birds from visiting problem areas rather than by physically excluding them. As a result, they are often more visually discrete and are a good option in locations where bird proofing would be too obtrusive or physically impossible to install. 

If you have problem with pest birds, Birdteq can help. Call us on 01823 669165 for a FREE site survey. We can design and install appropriate and high quality Bird Proofing and Bird Deterrents, and Clean up Bird Fouling too.

If your problem is more human than avian, we also design and install Security Netting.

Bird Free Fire Gel

It’s name is Bird Free Fire Gel, it is a silicone based gel that gives off an ultra violet light that to birds, looks like fire. A birds eyesight works very differently to ours and so long as the gel is placed correctly it is effective, especially towards pigeons.


This system delivers a low level electrical pulse from an internally plugged energiser to a unique weather protected track that does not harm birds. The flexible track requires no drilling and can be fitted to almost any site.

Daddi Long Legs

Springy stainless steel metal rods that deter pigeons and gulls from landing on boats, air conditioning units, street lights and other hard to protect areas. They can be removed when not required.