Bird Pest Control

Effective Bird Control Systems


Birdteq offer a wide selection of bird pest control systems - we only use proven systems which we know won't let you down. These systems fall into two broad categories - Bird Proofing and Bird Deterrents. If that sounds confusing, it's actually quite simple; Bird Proofing systems physically exclude birds from an area. They are highly effective and can be very good value for money, but they are generally more visible than Bird Deterrents. Bird Deterrents on the other hand don't actually prevent birds accessing the protected area - instead, they ensure that the birds don't want to be there. The main advantage of Bird Deterrents is that they tend to be easier to hide from view, so they are preferable in visually sensitive locations.

Don't worry though, you don't need to know what the right solution for you is - Birdteq can work that out for you. Call us on 01823 669165 to arrange a free site survey.

And when the birds are stopped, what about the mess they've left behind? We can deal with that too - Birdteq have a full Bird Fouling Decontamination service.

Birdteq can solve your bird pest problem. Call us on 01823 669165 for a FREE site survey.


In many cases the most effective approach is to make it impossible for problem birds to access the affected area. Birdteq design and fit several different systems which are suited to different locations.

More About Bird Proofing

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are available in a variety of sizes for different size birds and different widths to proof narrow and wide areas such as ledges, window sills, signage, pipe work or roof ridges. Clips can be used to fit them to guttering. They're also referred to as bird control spikes, anti-perching spikes and anti-roosting spikes.

Bird Wire

Used to prevent pigeons and gulls from landing, bird wire is less visible and more aesthetically pleasing than bird spikes. It uses sprung stainless steel wire between stainless steel posts. Birds are unable to stand on the sprung wire as it is gives under their weight.

Bird Netting

If you need to keep pest birds out of whole areas or sections of a building then bird netting allows these to be walled off, completely excluding them. By using an appropriate mesh size we can exclude gulls, pigeons or even small pest birds. Bird Netting is generally the most cost effective way to protect large areas. 

Chimney Bird Proofing

Blocked chimneys are commonly caused by bird nests and bird carcasses, but we can prevent this with cowls and bird spikes. Using a fine aluminium mesh we can also prevent honey bees from setting up home within the chimney.

Solar Panel Mesh

If you have problems with birds nesting under your solar panels, Birdteq has the solution. Solar panel mesh combines galvanised metal mesh with clips which are specially designed to allow the system to be installed without any drilling or scratching of the solar panel surfaces.


If the area you need to protect from pest birds is visually sensitive or impossible to install bird protection on, then we can still deal with the problem using bird deterrent systems. These work by discouraging the birds from landing rather than by physically excluding them.

More About Pest Bird Deterrents


The AVISHOCK system uses a low level electrical pulse delivered via a unique weather protected track to deter birds from landing. It requires no drilling and can be fitted to almost any site as the track is flexible.

Bird Free Fire Gel

Bird Free Fire Gel is a silicone based gel that gives off an ultra violet light. To a bird, who's eyesight works very differently to ours, it looks like fire. Placed correctly it is very effective, in particular for repelling pigeons.

Daddi Long Legs

The stand-out feature of Daddi Long Legs is that they can be removed when not required (ideal for boats). They use springy stainless steel metal rods to deter pigeons and gulls from landing on street lights, boats, air conditioning units and other hard to protect areas.