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BIRDTEQ Bird Control Specialists - Bird Spikes, Bird wire and Pigeon Deterrents /Decontamination

We can solve your bird pest problem. Call us on 01823 669165.

Our Services

Bird Proofing

Birdteq's bird proofing systems exclude birds from the areas where they are causing you problems. We survey for and install bird netting, bird spikes and bird wire along with other systems for specific locations. We only use high quality components, so you can rely on our bird proofing to solve you problem for years to come.

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Bird Deterrents

If you need to keep pest birds away with minimal visual intrusion, Birdteq's bird deterrent systems will solve you problem. Bird deterrents work by discouraging birds from visiting the area rather than physically excluding them, and they can be very discrete yet highly effective.

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Bird fouling, or guano (a problem mainly associated with feral pigeons) can cause numerous problems - health and safety, damage and defacement of buildings and statues and associated problems of water damage and insect infestations. Birdteq can remove and decontaminate your fouling - we're a licensed waste carrier and take care of all the paperwork for you!

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Security Netting

Do you have a problem with goods leaving (or entering) your premises over the wall? Security or contraband netting can prevent theft of goods from outside shopping areas as well as stop drugs and other items reaching open areas of secure facilities such as prisons. The systems we design and install use specialist netting and thicker stainless steel cables than bird netting to ensure your security.

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The Old Well House

The Old Well House

Birdteq were sub contracted by Timberwise to stop Herring gulls nesting on the roofs of this pub in Paignton, Devon.

Bird Netting to exclude Herring Gulls
Heathrow Terminal 4

Heathrow Terminal 4

It took two kilometers of stainless steel pigeon spiking to proof all the tubular steel horizontals and the RSJ beams and deal with Heathrow Terminal 4's feral pigeon problem.

Bird Spikes to exclude Feral Pigeons
Pawlett Church, Somerset

Pawlett Church, Somerset

Feral Pigeons were roosting on the tower and their droppings were blocking drainage outlets. The fouling was cleared and the tower was netted.

Fouling Decontamination, Bird Netting
Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter

Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter

During a £25 million revamp. Exeter City council required many areas to be netted to prevent gulls and pigeons from nesting around sensitive environmental control plant areas. Stipulations had to be met, there were net height restrictions in several areas and no drilling was allowed in certain areas.

Bird Netting

Why Birdteq?

Knowledgeable Efficient, Reliable

Birdteq are experts in designing and installing bird proofing and bird deterrent systems, as well as specialising in bird fouling decontamination and removal. Our technicians operate throughout the UK.

Specialist in Bird Control and Bird Proofing

Birdteq specialises in bird control and the installation of bird proofing systems, bird fouling removal and decontamination. Whatever the problem, we will develop a solution that will deal with bird infestations with a proofing system that is best suited to provide complete protection and that has the least visual impact on a building and its surrounding environment.

Fully Insured

Birdteq is fully insured to carry out all aspects of bird proofing and bird control.

Our insurance covers working at height and the use of air rifles.

Other Services

Other services provided, include – feral pigeon and seagull species population reduction methods. In addition, we can clear blocked gutters and roof gullies to prevent damp and water leaks from occurring. This can be incorporated into bird proofing projects which saves costs on separate access hire.




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